Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought program provides youth with the opportunity to see their environment more positively through fostering their connection to nature while capacity building. They develop transferable lifelong skills. And they were forging positive relationships with themselves, peers, and adults through cultivating trustworthiness in a safe space. We provide weekly cooking classes to

learn how to cook new healthy meals. Participants will gain access to their own self-determination through feeding themselves, capacity building, workshops on growing and preserving, and acquiring new skills. Participants also receive weekly clean food hampers food from our garden.

Through youth engagement workshops and volunteer opportunities we are able to direct the energy of our youths

into learning about their environment and how they can make positive contributions. We cultivate a space of self empowerment and our youth seeing themselves in a very positive light. Youth can thrive in a community with systemic barriers that are designed for their failure. At Mama's Healing Garden we fully comprehend the powerful effects on mental health when working and communing in nature.