Collection: Youth Justice Growing Program

Our Youth Justice Growing Program was created to allow our at-risk youth to see their environment more positively through fostering their connection to nature while capacity building. They can develop transferable lifelong skills. And they were forging positive relationships with themselves, peers, and adults through cultivating trustworthiness in a safe space.
Community Food Distribution

The Community Collective Growing Garden is a part of our food sovereignty and food justice project. It is where we are transforming an unused portion of our local park into a public space with programming and services to the broader community. Our garden is a food justice food project that operates on the guiding principle that clean food is our birthright and not a privilege. We currently have a growing food distribution list of over 100 food-insecure families, and our garden will be able to provide clean food to over 500 families. This garden will give capacity-building workshops, skills and training sessions, and mental health supports for youth and adults.
The pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity and mental illness in our community. And we have come together and created year-round initiatives and programs that address food insecurity and mental health needs within our community.
Grow, Heal, and Thrive
Our first annual Grow, Heal, and Thrive community fun day and back to school event was held on September. 

Our first annual Grow, Heal, and Thrive community fun day and the back-to-school event was held on September 4, 2021. This event was sponsored by the City of Toronto Crisis Fund and supported by Toronto Community Housing Corporation after children were injured during a shooting incident at a child’s birthday party.
As a community, we are working hard to support each other to alleviate some of the concerns we are faced with. This effort is part of our community members' healing, care, and comfort.