About Us

Welcome to Mama's Healing Garden, a place where community, growth, and healing come together. Our journey began with a shared vision: to create a thriving community where healing happens on all levels – body, mind, and soul.

Our Community Focus

At Mama's Healing Garden, we believe in the strength of community. We've created a safe space where individuals connect, learn, and uplift one another. Together, we weave a tapestry of strength, unity, and positive change.

Growing for Change

Our unique approach to fighting poverty involves teaching the community to grow their own food. Our Summerlea Park Community Garden turns neglected spaces into vibrant hubs of organic produce. We're not just providing nourishment; we're fostering self-reliance and breaking barriers.

Empowerment through Education

Education is empowerment. Beyond gardening, we offer holistic personal and professional development. Through workshops, mentorship, and skill-building, we equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed, fostering leadership, creativity, and resilience.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: a thriving community built on healing and empowerment. Individuals embracing potential, families flourishing, and positive change echoing through generations. Mama's Healing Garden is a movement, a catalyst for transformation, and a symbol of unity.

Join Us

Whether you're a community member, volunteer, or believer in healing through growth, join Mama's Healing Garden. Together, we sow seeds of change, nurture connections, and cultivate a brighter future.